Beads round her waist

Sounds of flesh and ceramic

Remains the fuse

Of juju and Afrobeat

The drum is tapped

In slow rhythm

The egogo is struck

In quick vibration

She wears a red regal

With immaculate hanky

She swirls the air

Thunder goes up

In sound

She dance before

The calabash with bead

Sending a rhythm of trio

She walks to me

Sending a smile

She raises her strength

Till flings of beads

Erupt striking her waist

As it swirls like a potters-wheel

She is a beauty

Omose gbe

Her skin glow

Like the sun on gold

Her teeth is pure

Like the water through a rock

Her chest is covered

like corn behind it’s cloth

Her face is curved

Like those statue

Sculpt by Ojogun

Lare uvbinekhi

Lare – to stay beside

Till your waist rhythm

Replaces my heartbeat

Come today

And tell me the truth

Of the mystery of the bead

Does it build your waist

Into heaps of hips?

Or it charms me?

Till i hallucinate

Of you and me

In nakedness and love making

Beauty and the Edo’s

Is same as the heart and love.

By Minstrel

Loves writing...

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