I went to the palace to greet the king,

But instead was searched from twilight till dusk for he thought several weapons I would bring.

After that I pleaded to know the lacuna behind it,

Then he told me that only to me and my family members he dim it fit.

Then quickly I apologized for the wrong we did,

And he said he has forgiven us, but deep inside I know he grieved.

So, straight i tabled the course of my arrival,

Because my presence, he found similar to a cannibal.

Me: My Lord, I came to ask you for a favour.

King: Hope it would not require money and other splendour?

Me: No, my Lord.

King: Then, let’s taste the yam pud.

Me: My Lord, I plead to tell that prince 1, find it easy to let his goat feed on my only farm.

King: Hahaha! He only means no harm.

Me: My lord, prince 2 came to my house to sexually harass my only daughter.

King: Hahaha! To such beauty, who wouldn’t falter.

Me: My lord, prince 3 came to my house to sojourn, only to turn us to slaves.

King: Hahaha! He is only trying power to cleave.

Me: My lord, prince 4, last time gave my only wife the beaten of her life.

King: Hahaha! He is not that smart to know the elderly, because education he was deprived.

Me: Prince 5 said his life was worth twin of ours.

King: Hahaha! Of course.

Me: Prince 6 said since I always complain, I shouldn’t venture through the royal palace.

King: Hahaha! That is simply the height of youthful malice.

Me: Prince 7 came to set my place of worship on fire.

King: (of course), That is sacrilege, even higher.

Me: I am fed up.

King: That diction used again, would result to your head chopped up.

Me: I can’t take such height of citizenship breach.

King: (Angered), That is hate speech.

Me: My lord, so I have decided to sojourn in the neighbouring village to be a succeedist.

King: (With furrow of anger on his face), I won’t listen to this again, that is being a secessionist.

By Minstrel

Loves writing...

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