Smell of the Night

Closed meander down alone

Flowing with foot print and hopes

Sounds of flips of beams

And curvy hips

Flexing to and fro

Of the breast in majester

Cool in the brow

Of the Night

Silent like death

Though full of life

There round and round

Smiles flows like rivers

And endless space

Each call seizes

Like birth and breath devoid

Maiden of flawless dimple

Flashes the lightning

Of her smiles

With her virginity

Visible to all

Say less of her eloquent breast

And sonorous hips

If she claps

And kicks to the rhythm

Of the moonlight game

Her buttocks flows like Agbada

Her body is full

Like starch mixed with hot water

She walks the appetite

Of all around

Behind all stays

The lit path of fun

In the heart

Small screams here and there

Eluding all was time

And Night curse

Holding a furrow

Of flexed moustache

And sharp muscles

Craving for a Night

With her alone

With all the dark route

Of youthful deviance

Beauty cultures all

Cause the Night

Will last

As soon as it falls

But the fun we shared

Is for one and for all.

By Minstrel

Loves writing...

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