Your kiss

Your flaps

Your blue lush

Your cute spots

Your unsteady steps

Your beautiful lips

Your open and close

Who chases you?

Drives you away

Who waits for you?

Cares for you to stay

My butterfly

My petals is sweet

Come lick for free

If you come

The door I will close

If i touch you

Your beauty fades

Like dust and pain

My butterfly

What do I do?

Fly to the edge

Come to me again

My butterfly

Give me a cocoon

A song I will sing

My butterfly

Your cat-walk

Your smell of nectar

Your eyes of bulging seduction

My butterfly

Your ways

I love to cheer

Send me away

– vanish into my heart

Where you belong

My butterfly – my heart stung.

By Minstrel

Loves writing...

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