Calm down – do you love me?

Tell me – would you stand by me?

Hear me – would you respect me?

Bear with me – would you listen to me?

Try me – would you tell me your secret?

Show me – Are you a virgin?

See me in rags – Do you think I can be your prince?

Know me – Do you think am a flirt?

Trace me – Do you fear my root?

Call me – would you swallow your pride?

Ride with me – Can you spend your life with me?

Pay me – would your love be a fair wage?

School me – can I be your man?

Dare me – would you let me die for you?

Respect me – can I be the father of your kids?

Pray for me – would I be delivered from your love?

Tempt me – would I fall in love with you again?

Reject me – I can’t stand

Run away – I hear your doorstep at a distance – I die

Strangle me – my ghost would wait for you in heaven’s gate

Love me – I would rewrite Romeo and Juliet with a happy ever after.

By Minstrel

Loves writing...

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