Your eyes is purple deep

With traces of birth mark at your spine lines

A parch of melanin close to your nipples

Like the dot of the moon on the sky at night

Behind your hips at the side

Is the scratch of a single nail

Like the beautiful lines of the palm

I can describe you with my eyes closed

Cause your every imperfection

Is what I can call my love

I love you in the seven dots on your face

And the pervasive tribal marks on your cheek

Reminds me of my mother

I know the hole at the left part

Of your mouth where I reached

With my tongue on our first kiss

I could tell the roundness of your breast

Like the cup I held in comparison to a grape

Only me can sculpt you to perfection

Without any miss but accurate cut

Since i know your body from behind and above

And I know you completely like a missing rib I lost and love.

By Minstrel

Loves writing...

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