Lazy youth everywhere

Some called thugs

Some called rascals

And others ballot thief

The smiles across

Their beautiful eyes

Is brighter than

Your professed promised Land

Their sweats odour

Appeals more to the earth

Than your vast infrastructure

Their uncanned wit

Is more valuable

Than your failing experience

The hope from their

Sunrise faces

Is far beyond

Africa’s victory of polio

And freedom

But Africa disowned them

With poverty

Jinxed them

With illiteracy

Framed them up

With unpatriotism

Striped them

Of their crown

With unemployment

Sold them

To mental slavery

Sentenced them

With godfatherism

Even burnt them alive

With illegal migration

And buried their ashes

With terrorism

If Africa still

Has lips of pumpkin leaf

They are whitewashed

Sepulchre filled

With bones of slayed hopes

By expensive political tickets

And endless tears

Of stolen citizenship.

By Minstrel

Loves writing...

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