Part 1

CHAPTER 1: Katie-Kate
The day was bright in St. Louis Missouri town at Cleveland Avenue, along the road stood a well gardened bungalow painted milk (off-white). Then at a window life is felt.
“Hey! Jack, don’t do that here” – closed her eyes to avoid the sight of the worst. Then she opened, at that instant jack was dropping down its left hind foot on the floor with ease. Then she hissed as Jack a plump dog with brown mixed with black short hairs, short of stout stature walked close to the door to lie down. Katherine an obese young female of 27 years with a sticky skirt and blouse with an unusual clumsy short jacket dragged her foot to the spot with a rag pinched underneath the toe of her right foot and wiped the urine of Jack, the odour was well expected. So, Katherine continued the routine, she took her belongings in to one of the rooms, set the TV set on a stool and did the whole chores from noon till late at night. As she was about to slump on a sofa, her door bell rang, she tried her best to hold her frame from doing just that but it was too late, oops! The sofa and her jilted backwards with Katherine’s face facing the ceiling. At that instant jack took his hands over his eyes to avoid the sight. After expending some calories to get up, she walked to the door and opened.
“Hello! I’m Dorothy Walters your next door neighbour. I heard you moved in so I came to pip in on you” – with smiles beaming on her face.
“Ho! That’s nice. I am a bit burn-out,”
“Oh! I understand. I would pip in later then,”
“Yes! I would love it so,” As she walked away, Katherine closed the door took two steps and hopped on the longest sofa.
Buzzz buzzz!! (And howl of a dog); Katherine turned on the sofa, hit the alarm clock and jumped on her feet. She ran straight to the bathroom took a quick oral clean-up and hopped on the street. With jack’s rope on one hand – Katherine started her hiking. At two blocks away closed to a bend she saw a muscular figure well built with short hairs, a stoic face of generous wrinkles. As he was about to pass Katherine; he smiled and winked – “Hi! Jason Augustus and you are?”
Katherine was still walking the dog. So, Jason ran ahead of her and back-pedaled signaling her to off her headset.
She took it off reluctantly.

By Minstrel

Loves writing...

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