My loins my friend

The turgid and slack

Erect for play

Relaxed during the day

Your size tripling

At the sight of breast

And her charms

Makes me allign

And allign

Till I pose for a photo

You my long friend

Taught me true love

Opened my heart

To the man

In me

So vibrant for pleasure

But never thriving at leisure

If you were to woe

Maybe your size game

Or firm name

Would be a way

To their hearts

But the troubles

You would wreck

Would ruin me

Your love for pleasure

Is never scaled

At night when you whisper

The ease to lay her down

Your shouts of command

To bring her home

Your stoutness

At her touch

In a room

But of all my friends

Your respect for love

Is like none

You treated her

As a queen

With silence gifts

She wondered

If I was a man

At all

With praises she bestowed

Which only you

Deserved it all

My friend – my loins.

By Minstrel

Loves writing...

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