No Way Home

Stranded in distance

Many but no chance

The smile of you

For every scorn I felt

The frown of you

To every Hi! I say

The pale look from you

To every arousing word I say

So no way

Into your hearts

For its meant for another

But we crossed paths

Only to find out

It was never going to be

No way into your circles

Because their words

Is beyond an annoying me

Or a young bee

So no way

To be close to you…

My home, my home!!!

Its time to take me home

Every chest thump

And firm feet

I see – wish I could

Be your man

But the fairest of beauty

Saves her heart for me

Her body she gave

With me to binge with

Her breast a call

To my eyes

You my fairest

Is my home

And so long dearest.

By Minstrel

Loves writing...

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