Pray For Me

Many times I cry

So deep in floods

I want to let go

But my pride still lingers

The smell of vengeance

Still smoke to the dark skies

Lavish pain in my chest

My breath seizes in quint

But I bully on

Who can call me back

To my senses

That little boy

That takes no offense

Who smiles to scorn

And chew malice with words

Only my heart knows

I cry to bond

But to the world

I am so strong

And hard headed

Loosing sight of the fact

I am pain stored

For tomorrow

Until the waited tomorrow

Wrecks the days away

Pray for me

Any who loves me

For the journey

I am treading

I know not

If i would return (either)

The same, worse or better.

By Minstrel

Loves writing...

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