Long time ago

Love was easy

Free and everywhere

So they had it

Every man, Every woman

And Alas! Every child

Only two century

She called a meeting

To travel for a distant land

To return in earnest

It was hard

To take and bear

The night to her voyage

The entire clan

Stole her parts

Till she was just air

But she still journeyed

Only without her body

They held a portion of her

For a while or yesterday

But it was dead

At every turn

Hatred brews

Till it sparkle

Consumed many

Only few asked

For a cure

While the vast

Hold on to the parts

She left behind

Love was kind

Love was merciful

And love never dies

She returned again

Only without a body

For she never waited

For a call

Longing for her family

A new rule she made

The rule of faith

And believe in her

Even when she is unseen

Many call it

Hallucination and superstition

Or myth

But to the few who believes

She does exist.

By Minstrel

Loves writing...

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