At brooks avenue in St. Louis Missouri stood a gigantic edifice, though it looked archaic in structure but stood out due to its distinct ambience and façade, at the middle of this three storey structure was the sign “Smith Publishers” written in bold italics with scorch light.
In the middle floor was the manuscript typing section of the firm, with a number of low tone whispers the day was ran.
“Hey! Its 12pm, Alvin ‘Red-Indian’,” sarcastically, “can you get us lunch?” she asked.
“Katherine,” with frown of displeasure for his coined nickname, “Give me some time, I would go,” a big goggle Indian looking nerd blurted.
“Katie, come on girl, what is on with ya?” inquired John.
“What?” Surprised,
“Nothing” Katherine responded.
“Come on girl, you know I covered your ass on four twilight, so what’s up?” John asked.
“Nothing,” she remained adamant.
“Oh! Cut me the crap, you come late like it’s the new slay and smile like Charlie Chaplin ditching his mavericks, I know something is going on, and I guess it’s good, so get on with it.”
“Ok, ok! John, I would tell you, but not in front of the nerdy,” Katherine whispered as Alvin peered through his glasses. “Come on! (John pouted at Alvin), surely what gets into his ears dies in his mind,” as he looks away from Alvin.
“Ok! I met this handsome dude, 2 months ago, he is a six – packer (they giggled), and he was hitting at me, but men! He is hot and manly, so, we’ve been hanging out and he has been turning my working days into holidays of love”, they burst out laughing, a little grin seizes Alvin’s face, he quickly frowned.
“Katherine, let me get the stuffs!” He said as he stood up, this out of fear of his countenance betraying him rather than of necessity. “Ok! Red Indian,” she continued her gist with John who now hardly notices Alvin.
As Alvin left John and Katherine continued with Katherine dishing out every detail she could ponder about her relationship with Jason.
As Alvin returned he met John and Katherine in roaring laughter, so he quickly dropped both packages on their tables and made for his own table.
As they both caught their breath, John remarked, “Katie, I am happy for you but how come he is going for your undies so early, I hope he means well for you?”
“I hope so too!” With less enthusiasm, “I am not ready to give him my maidenhood without him putting a ring on this,” as she points to her finger, “No matter how big his pintle is!” they all laughed including Alvin.

At 6pm, Richard is seen heading for his car, as he started the engine, his phone rang.
“Hello! Val, what’s up?”
“Hi Rich, I’m cool!” with a burst of zest in her voice,
“Where are you now?” She inquired.
“Just leaving the hospital and I’m heading home,” he rubs his eyes.
“Oh! That’s great; I’m going to stop by at your place by 9pm.”
“Ok! My love,” a little worried about the time, “I would be expecting you, take care, bye!”


At exactly the third quarter of the day with Katherine typing her manuscript at the dinning with Jack underneath the table, the door bell rang.
“Who is there?” She reflexes, she walks to the door.
As she opened the door,
“Hello Katie!”
“Hi Jason, what’s up?” She gives way for him to get in.
“Cool!” He said in his mesmerizing magister “and you’re going to be having me all night,” he said in a conquering hero style.
“Having you, as a pack of Pringles for supper or what?” She asked amusingly.
“Oh! Don’t be funny Katie, I’m gonna spend the night here that’s all” with a winking grin.
“Ok!” She retorted as she sat on the sofa opposite to that of Jason. They both started a conversation at length and at exactly 11pm, Katherine rose up.
“I’m gonna go to work tomorrow, so I better prepare,” she made for her bedroom; Jason nodded with a sign of approval and focused on the television set.
After some minutes, she arrived.
“Hey! Jason, come let me show you your room.” They moved to the bedroom with Jason trailing her.
She opened the door, walked in and stood holding the opened door knob as Jason entered the room.
“Make yourself comfortable, but remember to switch off your wrecking buttons,” they both laughed.
As she was about leaving, Jason caught her arm swung behind, pulled her to his chest and kissed her passionately, “To night am gonna see ya clean as a babe.” he said in hushes.
Grabbed her buttocks, pressed it passionately and they moved close to the bed, with kisses, touches and caressing going hard, they fell on the bed, he tore his singlet off now, tried to rip his belt off; with one hand, on her breast and the other underneath her skirts, she moans and fidgeted but at last thrust of her undies, and an attempt to uncover her bare, she sprang up, brushed Jason aside and ran to the sitting room.
Jason fell on the bed, with his back, using his elbows to knock the mattress in frustration.
Katherine was in the sitting room horny and was contemplating going to the bedroom to get it over with, when Jack came with a sullen look and she held him close, at that instant she tried to get her passion on hold, so she meditated some portion of the holy bible and was calm, she started laughing at the thought of a grown up running away from sex and the fact that she was without her pants while cuddling a male dog.
As Richard and Valerie was at the sitting room watching a movie, Valerie moved closer to Richard, sat on his laps with her taking her breast off from her bra, swirled it on his face as they hit and bubbled away, Richard was hypnotized, she grabbed his manhood tenderly and kissed him softly biting his lips with soft affection, Richard was caught in the wave of the moment.
He grabbed her breast turned her over, as she lie on the sofa waiting for his next move with smiles. He touched her clitoris and at that instant, he blurted out,
“This is not right Val, I can’t do this now!” He retrieved his step.
She rose up and darted to the bedroom in anger, While Richard sat on a settee with unease and silence.

By Minstrel

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