When we meet

We tell lies

Like a trophy

Is to be won

Each take the other

As a competitor

That must be surpassed

Everytime i hear

Us defending

Our new found hope

Forgetting our root

Where we pledge

Deep loyalty

To everlasting brotherhood

And sisterhood twined

Where we tell

The truth as it is

But hey sister

How is your hubby?

And brother – how is your honey?

If she sells

Sweetness like sugar

With taste beyond

Us together

Tell me

If she would smile for you

With that tooth unbrushed

Used to chisel shared Kulikuli?

Tell me

If she would cry

When you wish to leave home?

Hope your sight

Of your new union

Is not a vintage

When the facade

Is built with gold

Caving in with unruly even scale

Brothers and Sisters!

The real vintage

Is us together

Sharing a common mat

Hoping for better times

To share with each other

The vintage

Of the world.

By Minstrel

Loves writing...

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