Window of My Heart

Underneath an ancient cave

Built on a rock

Firmed by ice and crust

Aching in strength and built

There a curved outlook

Not a window but only so

Not a hinge

But an opening with an owl

Stays forthwith

The night smooths away

Leaving behind marks of time

There I see everything

From beauty to life

From holiness to demnation

From blessing to curse

Alas from life to death

The window of my heart

Beaming in crude eloquence

Honing paths of glory

And lone with haunting gury sight

And epic addiction

There I find love – Doreen

There I hope to stay in love

The window of my heart

Is wiped clean with heavenly rains

Of dozen times I have fallen

I know the last air in is Doreen.

By Minstrel

Loves writing...

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