Katherine in her purple night gown made of silk of soft feel with a rope to tie for covering; she made tea, drank hers in the kitchen and took a cup and cookies on a tray to the bedroom. As she opened the door, she stood at the entrance.
“Good morning! Can I come in?” She asked in a cheerful mood.
“Oh sure, come in!” As Jason pushed the blanket down and sat up.
She took the tray laid it on a stool beside the bed and stood close to it.
“Breakfast in bed – how lovely,” Jason teased with an alluring smile.
He made for the edge of Katherine’s night gown and it reeled loose with just her nipples and pant visible to his burning eyes.
“Jason – stop!” She said with firmness. “I am not gonna jump in bed with any man, unless we are married” she gathered the gown together to conceal her nakedness, “And any man that loves me would wait until we tie the knot,” with her forming a knot close to her navel with the gown’s rope.
“Ok! I grab Katie, but I kinda need little bucks, can you help me with it,” he tries to rest his head on the bed’s frame.
“Like how much are we talking about,” she inquired.
“400 bucks, I promise to pay you back as soon as possible” he raises his picky finger.
“Ok! And thanks for taking my position on sex serious,”
He just flashed a grin at her and lied down.
Richard is seen watching a movie in the sitting room as Valerie made for the door.
“Hey! Val, where are you heading to so soon?” He asked with concern.
“Home I guess,” she blurted in a hasty tone.
Richard sprang up and caught her arm, “I am sorry about yesterday night, I just couldn’t do it.”
Valerie quickly freed herself from his grip, “As a gay or as a saint?” She said sarcastically. “I just don’t get, sometimes I wonder whether you are even a man down there,” as she said that she flashed her eyes on his face to see the impact.
“Val my love, it’s not like that, I want us to enjoy it on our wedding night, not just on our lusty journey of passion,” he said as he made for her chin.
“Oh! So I’m the bitch?” She said in a sarcastic tone.
He just stood there as he tried not to alter any more word.
At that point Valerie spoke up;
“I am leaving,” She said as she headed for the door.
“At least I can drop you off,” he opened his palm as if waiting for her to clasp it in agreement.
“No thanks!” She opened the door and slammed it loud enough.

At the front of a casino’s parking lot, was a tall gait with long blonde hairs, a stunning glossy skimpy dress which reveals her alluring hips and laps and on full leap of her foot exposes her matching pant with a carefree disposition.
“Ha-ha!” (Giggling), “what a night,” as she made for her car.
“Hey! Beautiful,” a male baritone sounds.
She turned and stops abruptly with a ‘don’t care’ attitude.
“Hello! I am Jason Augustus,” a smiling face shot a hand for a friendly handshake.
“Rose brooks!” She grabs his hand for a shake.
“Oh! You are the guy sniffing coke at the edge of the snooker board,” she recalled, “that was hardcore – you know!” She said in a party hi-five mode.
“Oh! Don’t mind my guts,” he blushes.
“You are going home?” He inquired.
“Yes! Wanna hop in?” She asked in a coquettish manner.
“Yes! I would love to.” Jason resounded.
As they drove home Jason told her about himself, which she acknowledged as charming and Jason understood that she was a model with a rising career. And Jason quickly let her know of his feelings for her.

By Minstrel

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