As they got to her home, Jason sat on a sofa at the sitting room, while Rose went to the bar and brought a bottle of whiskey and two glasses. As she was about to pour on the glasses, Jason touched her hand to stop.
He stood up and kissed her passionately, Rose responded and they both touched and caressed until they landed on the sofa. Jason took off his clothes and his albs were visible; Rose touched it and moaned in ecstasy as she took off her clothes leaving her with just pants and bra. At that instant Jason took a swing on her and she was already smiling in his arms.
“The way to the bedroom, please!” He said in a courteous manner, she points towards the direction. They both laughed as he carried her to the bedroom.

Jacky – Jack, where are you? In a sing-song tone as Katherine tries to lure the dog from his hide out. Jack sensing that he would be meeting the doctor today has hid itself underneath the dining table.
So Katherine started coughing continuously as though she was sick, then Jack came out and ran towards her and she caught him.
“Here you go!” She said smiling.
“Now let’s get going to the doc before we miss our appointment,” She rubbed his mane softly.

Katherine is seen sitting on a long metal chair with her holding Jack with a rope. As the Doctor comes along;
“Katherine Adams and Jack, please” Looking round to see who that was,
Katherine was star-struck at the handsomeness of the doctor. She fantasized for awhile and got hold of herself, at the second calling of her name.
“I’m the one!” She retorted as she raised her hand.
“Ok! Follow me;” he led Katherine and Jack to his office.
He checks Jack for a while and sat down at a chair opposite to Katherine.
“From my observation, Jack seems to be not too well, do you mind if I run a test on him,” he asked while touching his stethoscope.
“No Doc.! I think all he needs is his rabies injection and whoopee! He would be fine.”
“But this is the first time I’m having Jack as my patient, I think its best I have him examined and know his health status, if you don’t mind?”
“No, Doc.! I don’t think that is necessary, since Jack is still a virgin and I didn’t even envisage this today.”
“Please, my name is Dr. Richard Barnes or just Richard,” he said with a smile.
“Ok Doc, Sorry Richard, it’s just that I’m scared of the possibility of Jack being sick, the time required for regular check-ups, of which I can’t fart out?” They both laughed.
Silence then fell on the room, with Richard and Katherine staring at each other, after some minutes, they both made frantic effort to fill the odd moment which led to a mirror effect.
Then, Richard asked Katherine about her work and then they both started a conversation that spanned beyond Jack to their personal life. As they were laughing, the door was tapped thrice.
“Please, come in,” Richard responded.
The door was opened and Valerie walked in, she waved Katherine in an apologetic way and walked close to Richard’s seat.
“Hello, Rich” as they hugged.
“Hi, Val earlier than expected,” he said with a smile;
“Yes! I just shopped instead at the grocery store close by and I came straight down here,” she replied as she touched his lab-coat dusting hardly seen dirt.
“Cool! Val, can you please wait for me at the reception, while I attend to Miss Katherine’s dog and we would be off before you know it,” he assured her.
Rose kissed him on the cheek rubbed her gloss off with her hand while flashing a smile to Katherine and left the room.

Katherine in her car driving home couldn’t get Richard out of her mind. She harbored the hope of Richard falling in love with her, but then she taught of her physical appearance as compared to Richard’s lover Val, which was a contrast beyond love and magic. Val was an epitome of beauty and grace with an aura of class, she thought. So she relinquished any hope of her and Doc. Richard. Only then the thought of Jason flashed through her mind; ever since her resistance from Jason’s advances for sex, he has turned into an uncaring lover and she has even caught him with another woman and the thought of losing Jason became real and she was brought back to reality as yells from other drivers sounded, with the last one leaving with her seeing his middle finger. She quickly pulled over at the side of the road, banged her hand on her steering wheel with anger and at last rested her head on the steering (sobbing) as she prayed.

At the first floor of smith publisher, was the reception, at a corner of first contact was a desk, a swirling chair and desktop for quick check and gossips. At this corner sat a high-heeled damsel of say 32 years of age, she has darting eyes that picks the minutest detail at will, a smart looking face devoid of beauty or ugliness, but only plain with quick changing demeanor. She wore a smart flannel white sleeve with black skirts just above her kneels with a full breast that stood her out.
Just past 8am, the door opened.
“Hi Katherine, Good morning wonder finger,” she quizzes as Katherine took a quick glance at her and tries to make for the stairs.
“Good morning Mary!” She toned with less vigour as she touches the stair rails.
“Katherine! Have a minute to spare?” with a wink of charm, as she stood up.
“No! Mary can’t this wait,” as she ponders on the prospect of this chit-chat.
“Please!” Rubbing her palms together as a toddler would for Santa’s visit.
“Ok Mary,” As she turned and stood facing her.
“Katherine, not to be a snoopy cat, but you kinda looks shabby for some time now, always late to work, hardly a manuscript from you without any typo and grammatical error. Not to stew in your drowsy eyes,” she paused;
“What’s wrong Katherine?” pointing to a chair opposite hers for Katherine to sit.
“Oh, Mary, I am lost,” pulling the chair back and sits.
Katherine narrated her failing relationship with Jason and how this has left her emotionally bankrupt.
After she spilled out her last sentence, she remembered the personality of Mary, a careless gossip and two-faced bitch, who was envious of everyone. But she couldn’t help herself from exhaling such emotions as it made her feel better (still in thought).
“But Katherine, you’re kinda funny, how come a hot guy is asking of sex from a bunch of pork like you (she closes her mouth in apology) and you’re ditching him? Don’t you know any beauty (she pushes out her breast with both hands) out there would jump on him like honey. Come on girl rethink and give him better than any bitch out there can. If you ask me;” she checks the effect on Katherine.
Katherine just stood up and peered at Mary for a short time and walked up the stairs.

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