Far in the woods

There lived a parrot brood

Leaves in-between beak

Humming in-tone with a toothed speck

“Sleeping in the deep is safe”

“Home close to mortals is cage and slaved”

Far in the woods is feed to die

Home with mortals is corn insipid dry

Home is where I belong

Whether it’s a nest

Or thatched and wretched

There peace is felt in every cackle

Love is seen in every nose dive

Enough is reached with every beak-to-beak feeding

Paternity is close to chide

So – whoever you are

Birds in cage no matter how furnished

Is slaved

Let it fly – forget about holding it close

For freedom is love first deposit

So Africa should be free

Free from white paint

That the black pigment can go wild

Can King Kong ever write?

Cause slaved Africa would always be a prodigal child.

By Minstrel

Loves writing...

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