Katherine was making her meal, while listening to an uplifting tape from her stereo. When suddenly Jack howl in pain, she quickly ran out from the kitchen to the sitting room, where she found Jack lying sideways with slow me movement of it’s hind legs. As she was about to reach for Jack, Jack vomited a morsel and then closed it eyes.

So Katherine ran to her bedroom to get the keys, while frantically consoling herself with “Jack is going to be fine” repeatedly. At split second she returned to the sitting room sweeped Jack off the floor not minding the gross regurgitation she scooped and ran to the door as she headed for the hospital.


Richard and Dr. Andy was sitting at Andy’s office.

“Come on, Richard! It’s not that bad;” Andy spoke softly.

“Of course, you know it’s that bad,” Richard said shyly while tracing the edge of the desk with his fingers.

“Every animal I touch ever since dies and the worse is that I get to see them die.” closing his eyes disgustingly in reminiscence.

“But it happened to me also, you know I had such fit too when I lost my mum, But with time it passed and everything has returned to normal,” he said assuringly.

“But you never had the G.M.D on your neck in those trying period?” he said sarcastically.

“What? You mean he took statistics?” Andy burst out laughing.

“Not only statistics, but the manner in which the deceased pet passed on, and he gave his usual oratory of ‘In my time, dogs love vet and we never – ,” both himself and Andy chorused “let them down” phrase.

And they both burst out laughing. At that instant, Dr. Richard’s phone rang.

“Hello, You are on to Dr. Richard.”

“Oh Bridget, I have a patient? What’s the name of the patient? Jack! Ok, I am on my way.”

He quickly exchanged handshake with Andy and headed for his office.

By Minstrel

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