As Richard reached the receptionist desk, he saw Bridget and asked for Jack’s file and he was told that they were waiting for him in his office.

“Hi! Katherine,” with a smile.

Katherine was so engrossed in thought that she needed a touch to bring her back to reality.

“Oh! Dr. Richard, it’s nice to see you! Jack has been eating and vomiting lately and he can barely move now.” She said as she tries to hold her tears back.

“Ok, can I see him?” as Richard was about to bend over the dog to check it’s heartbeat with his stethoscope, Katherine was about to stand up and both face collided with nose to nose pairing and lips to lips touch, quickly Richard jerked backwards and Katherine stood still as she lost hold of Jack and at that moment, Richard quickly thrust himself to save Jack from smacking on the floor, which he did with his belly on his desk.

“Oh! I am so sorry Dr. Richard for this,” she said. Then Richard placed Jack on the table and checked for Jack’s heartbeat and then told Katherine to help him hold Jack still.

Unwittingly both her eyes and Richard’s met and they stared at each other for sometime. With Richard reminding her – “The hands!” then she remembered.


After series of tests and lab results with Katherine waiting at the reception room. Richard phoned Bridget to send for Katherine.

As Katherine came in, she was sober.

“Sit down -” Richard pointing to the opposite seat.

” Well Jack’s condition is kinda complicated,” he said as he paused.

“Ok! Is there any chance to have him back again?” she asked as she looked expectantly.

“Of course! If we thread with care, Jack has been diagnosed with swollen in his brain, and this had resulted to his kidney failing due to overwork; but both can be overcomed but only at a steady pace.” At that instant Katherine burst into tears.

Richard knew Katherine has understood the situation and the chances of Jack surviving.

Then Richard moved to Katherine and patted her on the back. At that moment, Katherine started recounting her life experience, with Jack coming into it as a companion. Richard was touched – to know that she was an orphan.

After consoling her, Richard made Katherine to understand that Jack would spend sometime in the hospital for operation and possible search for kidney replacement. While in Jack’s stead, he would check up on Katherine for her medication and well being.

As he walked Katherine to her car; she stopped.

“You know – this is the first time I am going home without Jack?” with pain in her heart; both were silent.

Richard hugged her, opened the car door for her and she sat to drive home.

“Hey! You know Kate, how about Friday night, you wanna go out, if you don’t mind,” he asked with uncertainty.

“Ok! Friday night.” she brightened up and they both waved hands as she drove off.

CHAPTER 7: Marily – Marily

At Beverly restaurant, Katherine and Richard was sitting opposite each other. Katherine wearing a handless pink gown, flared at the middle of her laps; with the fitting exposing her busty curve and figure. While Richard was a gentleman on sleeve and trousers with a nice silver watch.

“So Kate, tell me about yourself,” Richard asked eagerly.

“Oh! Me?” she smiled – looking at her palms playfully.

” I lost my boyfriend some months ago, weeks ago – I was given 6 months leave from work, now my dog is at the verge of death and inspite of all this I am hanging out with a handsome gentleman” both herself and Richard started laughing.

As the night wears away with the both of them sharing stories about their life and enjoying themselves.

Richard went for Katherine’s hand – “you know, you are beautiful – your deep blue eyes is magical and I love the way you smile.” he paused.

Katherine was uneasy and simply stared at Richard.

Then silence broke out between them.

“Oh! It’s getting late – I better see my pillows” she said in an amusing way.

“Yes we better head home.” Richard said while nodding his head slowly.

As they strolled to the parking lot, Katherine opened her car door but Richard closed it, with her back facing the car. Richard faced her directly – she ran her hand over her neck in uneasiness.

“You know I can’t let you go without this -” Richard said while reaching for Katherine.

And at that instant they both kissed softly and then passionately.


Jason is sitting on the edge of the bed at Rose’s apartment with Rose wearing her undies and night gown frantically.

“What? You mean you spent $2000 on a binge with your buddies? That is fucking outrageous!” she barked at Jason.

“Oh, come on, baby! It’s only just a guys night out – I promise I would pay back,” he smiled lying on the bed winking at her to come over.

“Oh! Come off it – sex all day don’t you know it is time for you to get a job and start paying bills.” she retorted with her eyes blazing with anger and her hands akimbo.

“When are you going to pay me, Hu! When you lose all your sperm? I guess never.” she said despisingly.

“Babe! It’s okay, just a binge and hell is loosed – I don’t get. Who caused it?” he stood up from the bed in anger.

“Like I don’t get – you wanna act up now?” she looked at Jason folding her hands below her chest.

“You think I don’t know that you are sleeping around with those motherfucking assholes? Early that night I went out with the boys, I saw you go into a hotel hand in hand with those assholes, so to switch it down – I went to party. So who is extravagant, me or you?” he asked mockingly.

At that instant Rose slapped him hard.

“You know it’s over between us, get all your stuff and leave!” pointing at the door.

“You serious? Like right now? (He paused), come on baby! You know I am sorry. I promise to be a better lover.” Rose was quite calm.

“Everything would be fine if only we just go to bed,” he winked at her and took hold of her hands.

“Jason! Let go of me! You sugar coated asshole! Pack your things and leave this moment before I call the cops! It is O-V-E-R! Over! between us.”

Jason just sat at the bed eye wide opened as she yelled all the more.


Katherine was lying on the sofa watching her favorite sitcom. When the door bell rang.

“I am coming!” she yelled reluctantly.

As she opened the door.

“Hi Kate!”

“Hi Richard!”

“Can I come in?”

“Oh sure!” she said while opening the door for Richard.

As she closed the door, she sat opposite to Richard.

“Kate I brought you some good news,” he said rather joyfully.

“Guess what?” he inquired.

“Come on, Richard you know this is not my thing,” as she looked expectantly.

“Ok! Jack’s operation was successful and today we would be receiving the kidney for the transplant;” Katherine ran to Richard and hugged him happily as they both celebrated.

“Oh! Thank you very much Dr. Richard.” as she finally caught her breath.

“Hopefully the transplant would be done on Wednesday and by Friday, Jack would be here again -” he said while play acting.

“It’s so good to hear!” she continued her jubilation. After sometime, they both sat down in silence.

“You know Kate about the last night we went out, I meant every word I said,” he paused.

“I am so in love with you, that I can’t take my mind off you even for a minute.” as he spoke from his heart.

Katherine just sat motionless with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Richard continued professing his love for sometime and then Katherine reached for his hands.

“I love you too.” she said shyly.

“But I was scared of the whole thing working out, deep inside me, I dreamt with all my ounce to be your woman.” They both held hands in solitude for sometime and continued watching the sitcom enthusiastically.


Later that day after Richard has left. Katherine was sleeping on a sofa when the door bell rang. She woke up, rubbed her eyes slowly and reached for the door.

“Hi, Kate baby!”

“Hi!” she responded rather surprised.

“Won’t let me in?” he asked.

“Of course, come in!” she opened the door. Closing the door to go in – she was shocked to see Jason on his knees.

“Kate, please forgive me – I am so sorry for everything I did to you,” he said in tears.

Katherine was perplexed but managed to reach for him.

“Stand up Jason!” she helped him up.

Jason was wearing a coat with snow flakes trace and a blue trousers that was dusty. From her run-down, he must have been in the streets for some days.

“You know Jason, I am no longer searching” she said as she seats him down on a sofa.

“I can tell you are having it rough,” Jason looked at himself rather in shame.

“So wait here,” she went to her bedroom and later to the kitchen and came back. She handed Jason some groceries and some money. Jason was so thankful and happy.

“Jason! This is the least I can do! Get an apartment and leave the streets and don’t forget – I don’t want to see you near me again or I would call the cops,” she said authoritatively.

She walked Jason to the door and closed it.


At noon, on Friday, Katherine alighted from her car, with her wearing a blue jeans that outlined her hips and a black polo. In her hands she held Jack.

“Jack we are home again,” she said while kissing and stroking Jack in a playful way. Jack responded by wagging his tail without much facial remorse as he licks his nostrils.

Katherine and Jack went inside the house. Later that same day, Richard visited and champagned in celebration.

Katherine and Richard spent more time together from outings, to church activities, to beach visit and hiking. They both were enjoying each other’s company more as the days roll by.


A week after Jack’s arrival, Katherine was lying on a sofa sideways while Jack was in front of her as she watched a sitcom when the phone rang. She picked it.

“Hey! Kate – you wanna go out?” Richard asked playfully.

“Oh! Don’t you think it’s late and you are on morning shift on Saturday,” she retorted with a faked resistance.

“Guess what? Ed-sheeran is in St. Louis and he would be at Reach guest house, of course you know he would be performing your favorite song -“

“Perfect!” Katherine echoed and leapt with joy.

“But what of Jack?” she remembered.

“You can come with him you know,” he responded jokingly.

“Richard – you are not serious!” she waved in humour.

“Ok! Richard give me 5 minutes and I would be there to rock-‘n’-roll.” she said with a childlike fist thump in the air.

“Ok! Kate – I am waiting with Ed-sheeran for you, my perfect one, kiss!” and he hung up the phone.

Katherine quickly got ready and left for the party.

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