Eyes flames with brimstone

Stomach steals saliva

Muscles cling to bone

Health shivers with fever

Every hour sails with starvation

Eloquent squeaks of stomach eels

Restless roaming with no reservation

Thrusting hopes of death feels

With all strength gone

And morals gored as stone

There before such litany

I stood against imp’s tyranny

For they want this

But I want that

Birthright selling is a fix

But after it, emptiness is a fact

Barbaric civility is thrust

Before me as a must

But who am I?

To hold my head so high

When all I want

Is a mere morsel

Fit for a servant

My hustle

Is a flowing lyrics

To some a hidden mystic

Worth of such

Is beyond much

But see it with me

An offspring of my muse spree

Should be treated regally

Not like any orphaned Sally

But my thirst long

For wine and pleasure song

With the heat of the day

Too hot for my soft ways

So such selfish thought

Lingers in the chest I bought

But no matter what

Many stray thought I fought

To save my fate

From dining in Esau’s plate.

By Minstrel

Loves writing...

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